Me cycling around London earlier this summer!

Hello people from all other the world and welcome to Five Senses of Food!

To me food is all about experience. I will always remember the excitement whenever my mum used to bake a cake or my dad was making one of his signature pasta dishes and that mix of flavours coming from the kitchen: vanilla, almond, orange, berries, fresh tomatoes, oregano, olive oil, onions. At the core of my kitchen there have always been two things: freshness of ingredients and flavour authenticity. This is what lies in my mixed Italian-Polish DNA and this is what I’d like to spread with my blog.

I was born in Italy and raised between Italy and Poland, two countries with a strong and long-standing culinary tradition, that I have inherited from my parents, both amazing cooks. Mediterranean flavours matched with a glass of red wine were always present at home along with an intense aroma of mushrooms or a fresh slice of Polish bread. I also spent most of my university years travelling abroad, living in Japan and then I landed a job in sunny Dubai. After two years in the Middle Eastern culture, I came back to Europe and you can currently find me running out and about in London.

Five Senses of Food is my personal take on food and on my trips, from time to time: a visual celebration of my favourite dishes, a private journey into my cooking experiments and travel adventures and a tasting experiences – all over the world! – that varies from fine dining to street food. And now more than ever, I think food deserves to be recognised for what truly is: a simple daily pleasure that brings colours and spiciness to our everyday life.

Enjoy! … and don’t forget to sip a glass of red wine while reading 😉


If you want to get in touch you can email me at fivesensesoffood@gmail.com.



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