A Lebanese Dinner in the Heart of London

Habibis and habibtis of the world, if you long for Arabian nights, exotic and seductive music and amazingly good food I have found the perfect dining option for you: Levant restaurant!

This beautiful gem is located in central London, 8 minutes’ walk from Selfridges, in a hidden street which makes it even more mysterious and fascinating. I went there last Saturday with my three friends as part of my hen party (!!) and for the entire evening I felt as if I was back in Dubai. The good old party days under the heat and palms trees were back and this time I didn’t need to board any plane – that’s one of the many reasons why I adore living in London: you can have everything at the reach of a hand (and of a 40 minutes tube journey).

The interior decor of Levant restaurant is typical Arabic with suffused lights, lanterns, wooden furniture and cozy sofas with dark red and gold pillows. All around the main dining area and at the entrance there are this huge golden plates with fresh flowers floating on a surface of water, which are changed daily. A truly mesmerizing and sensual atmosphere that makes you feel like princess Scheherezade from One Thousands and One Nights.


The food was delicious and exactly what you would expect from a Middle Eastern restaurant: a great selection of mezze, grilled meat, extremely sweet Lebanese wines and extremely sweet desserts. Levant offers an option of ‘Feast Menu’, which I highly recommend: it is for minimum 2 people and it comes in form of a real Arabic food feast. Prices start from £29.94 per person up to £49.95 and portions are so filling that you will be thankful for the music that kicks off after 10pm and that will make you want to dance until the first morning hours. And did I mention that you can also enjoy belly dance performances every night?

Clockwise from above: Baba Ghanoush, Falafel and Fatayer Sabanekh on the golden plate, Batata Harra, Hummus, Tabbouleh and Koussa bill Tahini* *

These last three pictures are courtesy of my friend Ilaria from @zestandlavender. She is an extremely talented artist and if you want to know more about textile and her region Abruzzo, follow her blog.

** what is what?

  1. Baba Ghanoush: dip made with aubergine and tahini
  2. Falafel: deep fried ball made with chickpeas and fava beans
  3. Fatayer Sabanekh: pastry filled with spinach
  4. Batata Harra: spicy potatoes with chilli and garlic
  5. Hummus: dip made with chickpeas, tahini and cumin
  6. Tabbouleh: salad made with parsley, tomatoes and bulgur wheat
  7. Koussa bil Tahini: dip made with courgette and tahini

All served with pita bread and with Arabic pickles. As for the main dish we went for two vegetarian dishes: moussaka served with rice and grilled halloumi. I was already quite full but both dishes was so exquisite that I couldn’t possibly leave them on the plate.

And since we are talking about a food feast and like every respectable food feasts, it has to end with some killer desserts: baklava, Turkish delights and fresh fruits were served again on golden plates with an enchanting rosewater aftertaste. Lathith!

Levant has been included on my list of places-I-want-to-go-back-to and try more dishes. The overall experience was extremely pleasent and to my surprise I also managed to eat the super garlicky potatoes (and I can’t stand garlic!). The belly dance performers were the cherry on top of the cake and I am safe to say that most of the male clientele were quite enjoying themselves.

Final Review

  • 5 out of 5
  • Price range: ££ / £££ (it really depends on what you order and whether you go for the set menu or for individual plates)
  • Perfect for experiencing a truly Arabian night with a very Arabic clientele and service

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