A Coffee Break at Bateel

I think that most of you already know by now that I used to live in Dubai a couple of years ago and if you don’t know it, well, yes, I spent almost 2 years in the sunny UAE, surrounded by luxurious hotels, eye candy shop windows and lots of Arabic delicacies. Sometimes I so long for their food, coffee and a huge plates of dates and to my happiness I can find all of it also in London, yay!

Last Saturday I went shoe shopping for my wedding (!!) with my friend and we decided to stop by Bateel for coffee and dates, which is like dates heaven.

Bateel is a luxury cafe shop which was founded in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia in the little village of Al Ghat, where it is said that the best dates grow and trust me once you have tried their dates, you really wouldn’t go back to have any other ones sold at supermarkets. The company, which is a family business, started back in the 90s by opening a boutique store in Saudi’s capital city. The main focus was to give a delicate and luxurious touch by arranging dates in pyramids, just like Swiss gourmet chocolate. Ever since, the company has expanded their branches within the Middle East, South East Asia and also in Europe, with Cafes opened in the UK and in Russia.

The Bateel Cafè is located in Mayfair, New Bond Street and it is open daily from 08:30am to 8pm, on Saturdays from 10am until 8pm and on Sundays from 11am to 6:30pm .

The atmosphere is very elegant, with warm gold colors on the walls and with a huge display of various types of dates which will strike you right at the entrance. Their most traditional dates are wrapped in a beautiful golden box with a dark brown ribbon on top. The cafè itself is quite small to be honest and I have counted maybe 10 little tables, so in case it gets packed with people, it might lose the relaxed atmosphere that I was so used to during my days in Dubai.

My friend and I went respectively for Turkish coffee, Maroccan tea and of course a selection of dates, which included 2 dates, 1 with pistachio, one with hazelnut and one with a thin slice of dry orange.

The only downside of our visit was the service, which was slow and not very professional, especially when we had to pay (for some unknown reasons we were not able to split the bill, which is not a very important details, I know, but it always adds that ‘something’ to the overall feedback)

Final Review

  • 4 out 5
  • Price range: ££
  • Recommended for a nice and quick afternoon coffee with an exotic twist.

3 thoughts on “A Coffee Break at Bateel

  1. What a lovely blog, Giulia! Being a coffee lover, I’ve particularly appreciated this post – next time I’m in London, I will make sure to go to the Bateel Cafè. And now I’m curious to know about your life in Dubai 🙂 Have a nice day!


    1. Ohhh, such a lovely comment, thank you! Let me know what do you think of Bateel once you go there 😉 I will definitely write about my experience in Dubai sooner or later. Thanks again 🙂 Giulia


      1. Of course I will 🙂 Yes, please, write about it. I’ve been to Dubai once, but just for a few hours and I definitely need to go back and actually see the city. I’d love to visit Oman, too!


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