Spicy Parsley Salad with Cherry Tomatoes

dsc_0161Ingredients: a big stalk of fresh parsley, a cup of cherry tomatoes, 2 spring onions, juice of 1 lime

Seasoning: 3 tbsp olive oil, 1 tbsp chili pepper flakes, 1 tsp Tabasco (optional)

Sometimes the best recipes come with the simplest ingredients and with the least effort. And of course when you least expect it! Last weekend I was so not satisfied with my lunch that I craved for more, but the available options in my kitchen were not really appealing until I had in my hand this huge stalk of parsley.


Parsley is probably one of my favourite herbs and one that is always stocked in my fridge: I use it on a daily basis, either for decoration purposes (just a sprinkle over a plate gives a nice gourmet touch) or whenever I make pasta. I can say that I am addicted to parsley as much as I am addicted to grated Parmigiano-Reggiano!

This recipe’s inspiration comes from my Arabian days in Dubai, when I was eating tabbouleh everyday (ok, maybe not everyday, but every second day 🙂 ) and if the word fresh would have an emoji, that would come in the shape of this ‘salad’: nothing tastes fresher than parsley, spring onions, tomatoes and lime. Here we go, easy as that!


The best bit? This recipe is suitable for everyone and for every type of diet, which makes it super versatile and a safe option for dinner. And I have also added some variations that you can make, based on your taste and veggie preferences.

the 5 senses method:

serves 4

  1. Wash the parsley, the cherry tomatoes and the spring onions, drain.
  2. Shave the parsley leaves from stems. Mince cut them with a big knife. Place in a medium bowl.
  3. Chop the spring onions. Cut each cherry tomatoes first into quarters and then each quarter into half. Put in the bowl.
  4. Mix everything in the bowl, making sure that the salad will have ¾ of parsley and ¼ of all the remaining ingredients.
  5. Season with olive oil, chili pepper flakes and Tabasco (the latter is optional and it depends on how spicy you like your food to be. You can also leave out the chili pepper flakes and add freshly ground black pepper instead).



  • Red onions instead of spring onions.
  • Add more vegetables, like red pepper, green pepper, radish.
  • Add finely minced mint leaves and use the juice of a lemon instead of the lime.

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