One Lovely Blog Award

I recently got back from a long 10 days wandering around Italy, between trains delays, unexpected sunny spring days and lot of home made gnocchi. Glad to be back in London for a couple of weeks before heading to the lovely Budapest and the best thing is that I have been nominated by Electric Blue Food for the “One Lovely Blog Award”, which makes me so happy and grateful 🙂

I started blogging less than a year ago and I am still trying to develop this little food and travel corner, so accepting this nomination is one step forward to it, yay! I have plenty of ideas in my mind, but just need to find more time to put them in writing and to take pictures.

So, here are the rules to accept this nomination:


  • Write a post to accept this nomination (done!)
  • Thank the person who nominated you and mention their blog link (done, see above)
  • List 7 things about yourself (see below)
  • Mention the links of the blogs you further nominate (tiny little list, see below)
  • Notify the recipients of their award (will do!)
  • Post these rules again (done)

I personally know the brilliant mind behind Electric Blue Food and trust me, her dishes are mouthwatering, especially her cakes … oh my, her cakes, forget all the Bake Off stuff, her cakes are simply a masterpiece.

7 things about me:

  1. I can’t stand garlic and I never ever use it, never. You’ll probably never ever see one of my recipes containing garlic.
  2. I ended up working in the travel industry by chance and so far I love it!
  3. Figure skating is my favourite sport to that extent that I would set up the alarm to watch a competition in the middle of the night, call me crazy.
  4. I know Gone With the Wind by heart.
  5. When I was a teenager I was obsessed with the American TV series Charmed and had a crash on the actor Julian McMahon.
  6. I was born in Italy, my mum is Polish, so Poland is my second country. I lived in Japan when I was at university, I started working in Dubai and over the past two years I’ve been living in London. Where next?
  7. I don’t buy online, never did it and probably never won’t. I still like to see and to touch with my hands what I am buying, call me old fashioned.

And here are my nominees:

Electric Blue Food

Zest and Lavander

Pentagrammi di Farina

Burczy Mi w Brzuchu 


Haut De Gamme

Love & Lemons

Have a lovely Tuesday! 🙂


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