Mango and Chicken Salad

DSC_0185Ingredients: 1 mango, 1 Tropea onion, 1 can of sweet corn, a handful of radishes, 2 chicken breasts, lettuce

Spices: Persian blue salt and black pepper (as needed)

Flavours: alluring mango sweetness

Over the past days the weather has been crazy in London and I’ve been switching from umbrellas and autumn coats to sunglasses and sandals. One Beatles’ song used to say Here Comes the Sun, but the sun seems to hide and prefers to be lazy and covered by billions of clouds. Where are you?

So if the sun doesn’t shine up in the skies, you reach for the sun and a splash of bright yellow is exactly what I was looking for, along with a summer and exotic flavour, like the one of mango. The easiness of making this salad is comparable to the simplicity of its taste: no dressings, no added spices, only a little bit of Persian blu salt and black pepper spread over the chicken breasts, and then all the rest is left to the pure essence of the other ingredients.

All ingredients need simply to be chopped …


… And the chicken needs simply to be braised until it reaches a shining amber colour.


This salad looks so simple and colorful and yet has a magnificent mixture of flavours and aftertaste, it’s a combination of sweetness (mango and corn), crispness (radishes and Tropea onion) and saltiness (chicken breasts). And it’s perfect to have all year around: refreshing in the summer and pure bliss in the winter.



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