The Authentic Mexican Guacamole

DSC_0099Ingredients: 2 avocados, 1 Tropea onion, 1 red pepper, a handful of cherry tomatoes, 1 chilli pepper, 1 lime, tortilla chips

Seasonigs: Himalaya salt, black pepper with lemon

I still remember the first time I tried guacamole and nope it wasn’t in a colorful Mexican city: it was in Japan. Back in 2010 I was living in Tōkyō as a student and I was often invited to one of those dinners where everyone was from a different country. A mixture of cultures, faces, languages and food. Simply my kind of perfect evening: chilling out over food and talking about all sort of things and matters. My friend who was hosting the dinner was in charge of making guacamole and that signed my first encounter with this world wide famous dip.

She ‘stole’ the recipe from her Mexican friend and I took the liberty to do so, as well! Apparently the below is supposed to be the very original Mexican guacamole, so if anyone from Mexico happens to pass by, share your thoughts. When it comes to a traditional dish, I am always looking for the very old recipe, the one that has been passed on from generation to generation.


Tropea’s onion: a homage to my dad’s birthplace. The red onion that I used this time is from Tropea, a little town in Southern Calabria. It looks exactly like any other red onion, however the difference is in the taste, which is much more sweeter and delicate and I think it balances perfectly the spiciness of the chili and the smoothness of the avocado.


Final touch: a sprinkle of lime juice, one spoon of olive oil, salt and pepper.

Enjoy with a glass of margarita in hand, wearing a huge sombrero and watching The Mexican.

Note: I know that the traditional recipe includes coriander, however I have used as a substitute the black pepper with lemon, which, in my opinion, brings on the surface the intense flavour of lime and at the same time, it doesn’t ‘influence’ that much all the rest of the ingredients.


6 thoughts on “The Authentic Mexican Guacamole

  1. La cipolla di Tropea è un’idea fantastica (che buona che è!)! Per me la perfezione però si raggiunge senza il peperoncino piccante (ho la tolleranza di un neonato) ma con una generosa dose di cilantro. Lo metterei pure nel caffè il coriandolo, io 😀


    1. Ahaha, invece io adoro il peperoncino, lo metterei ovunque e il piccante mi è sempre piaciuto tantissimo. Magari prima o poi mi convertirò al coriandolo, però per adesso rimango ferma sulla doppia dose di peperoncino 😀

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