Breakfast at Suq – Four Seasons Dubai

It’s hard to believe that almost one month ago I was enjoying a spectacular view of Middle Eastern sunset from my room at the Four Seasons Resort Dubai at Jumeirah Beach sipping my favourite espresso and indulging into Arabic dates. I could spend hours and hours talking about this fabulous hotel – you can see a couple of pictures from my previous post about Dubai – however this time I’d like to share with you possibly one of the best breakfast venues in the city, the Suq.

DSC_0566A very standard (!!) view when having breakfast outside.

Where shall I begin? Let’s start with the concept: if you open a luxury hotel in Dubai, you need to think of that specific additional touch that the other thousands of luxury hotels around the city don’t have! It’s not easy, especially in a city like Dubai, where everything has to be the best, on top of the world. The concept of having a high-end market style restaurant where flavours, colors and patterns are mixed is a major win. And again the wow effect lies in the details: from the little silver spoons elegantly put in a Moroccan style box to a giant beehive frame with golden honey, from little butters that look like candies from the 20s to a giant chest full of dragon fruit.


The buffet looks like a vibrant labyrinth spreading into world wide cuisine and dietary requirements. Whether you are British, Chinese, Arab or Italian, you will find something that will satisfy your taste and even the most demanding person in the world, will melt in front of the food choice.

Because we all need a crunchy piece of bread for breakfast…


… followed by croissants, danish pastries …


… and, oh la la, are those Madeleiens? Très sucré!


And after a quick trip to France, let’s move to a more exotic part of the world:


And of course there is something for the very healthy ones (and I have to admit that the kale – celery – apple smoothie was really tasty and usually I can’t stand ‘green’ smoothies) …


… and something really sweet for the little ones (not really … even grown ups will end up staring at this with huge heart shaped eyes) …


… and how can we forget about chocolate?


What I really liked about Suq it’s the way food was presented, very unconventional. For a moment you forget you are actually having breakfast at the hotel. Instead you feel as if you were in a exclusive market, where you want to explore every single corner and are so tempted to try possibly everything that is being ‘displayed’. The staff is lovely and they will really take care of you from start to finish. On my second time, the waiter remembered what kind of tea I had the previous morning and if you ask for an omelette, you can choose if you want to have it soft, medium or hard.

My recommendation: eggs Royale with an extra plate of fresh smoked salmon and selection of cheeses. Vanilla yogurt, bowl of berries and an espresso.


… and in case you were wondering, that Belgian waffle – made entirely on the spot – was my boyfriend’s 🙂


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