Gold and Spicy: Rice with Curry and King Prawns

DSC_0671Ingredients: 1 cup of jasmine rice, 1 red onion, 1 carrot, 150 gr raw king prawns, a handful of fresh parsley, the juice of ½ lime

Spices: curry powder, chilli pepper (as needed)

Inspirations. I am always looking for inspirations when cooking. It can be anything: a picture seen in a magazine, a dish made by my friends, a delicious plate that I have tasted in a restaurant or images of a foreign country.

This time I was inspired by India and by its wide variety of curries and I wanted to make a dish where I could mix different kind of spiciness and where the predominant colour would be yellow. There are hundreds variations of curry that spread throughout the entire Indian subcontinent and others can be found in most South East Asian cuisines. And I have to be honest, I don’t really remember what kind of curry I had at home, but the ones I used had a very different taste.


At certain times cooking brings back all the memories from my childhood, when I used to play with the temperas and it always amazed me how colors would mingle together on a blank piece of paper and they would create an unexpected shade and image. Let’s say that my pan is like this blank piece of paper and all the ingredients are the magical colors that are going to create an exquisite dish.

To add more ‘shadows of yellow’, I have decided to use carrots. Otherwise red pepper or canned peas will also go well together with the rest of the ingredients.


I have left the king prawns approximately for an hour so that the marinade would be completely absorbed. As for the remaining ingredients, the starting point are the sautéed red onions, followed by grated carrots. Once everything starts turning into a bright yellow / orange, prawns should be added.


Add the pre-cooked Jasmine rice (or basmati)* and then that’s when the ‘colouring’ begins a.k.a. adding all the spices: first a little bit of one type of curry, than a little bit of the second one, chili pepper and then again add a little bit of the first curry, followed by a little sprinkle of the second and on and on until the entire kitchen is overwhelmed by this intense scent of curry and both rice and king prawns have turned completely yellow.

Last touch before serving: minced parsley and a chili pepper.



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