Asian inspired marinated Chicken in Soy Sauce with Onions

DSC_0615Ingredients: 2 chicken breasts, 2 large yellow onions, soy sauce (as needed), 1 cup of jasmine rice or basmati rice

Seasonings: black pepper

Flavours: intense soy sauce and sweet almost smokey scent of onionos

Easter feast is over and after a week in my lovely Turin I am back to London and to its hectic daily life. This time for my Saturday lunch I opted for a Chinese dish inspired by my favourite Chinese restaurant in my hometown: chicken with onions. Such a simple main course and yet so delicious, with its core essence lying in the intense aroma emanated by the combination of soy sauce and onions.

Another characteristic feature of this dish is the softness of the chicken and it took me several attempts to get a similar texture to the one served in the restaurant. Of course no chef in the world will reveal its secret ingredient or procedure, hence the procedure is my own invention.

As usual, when it comes to food, I think of it as piece of art, a unique piece of art with its main colours, flavours and character. This dish in particular reminds me somehow of all different shades of wood, having both chicken and onions being coloured by the deep brown colour of the soy sauce (Kikkoman is my top favourite and the only one I usually use) and each of them assuming a distinctive nuance: burly wood for the chicken and saddle brown for the onions.

DSC_0601DSC_0599DSC_0606All fried together in a wok pan for about 10 minutes.

Since this is a Chinese dish, of course it can’t be served without a bowl of rice: this time I used jasmine rice, but also basmati would be a perfect choice. All ready to be served with some final touch: wooden chopsticks and one of the thousands variation of Chinese green tea.



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