A Gluten Free day at Tanya’s Cafe and Niche

We can all agree that London offers a wide range of dining options and everyone can find something that matches their taste and diet. Last Saturday it was all about raw, natural and gluten free food with a rainy London on the background. I don’t follow any particular diet and on top of my favourite to-do’s over the weekend, trying new restaurants is definitely number one, so when a special occasion occurred, I was really excited to make a new dining experience.

Tanya’s Cafe

DSC_0435Cozy. Green. Breezy. Deliciously natural.

Tanya’s Cafe is in Chelsea, in a very quiet area of Chelsea and this quietness is felt the very first moment you step into this cafe or superfood cocktail bar. Overwhelmed by the freshness of ingredients, at Tanya’s everything is a pure reflection of nature, starting from the interior design: long wooden tables, little plants hanging on the walls, bright light coming from the windows. Dishes are prepared on the spot and they are beautifully served on plates and bowls that seem to be taken directly from a classy farm in the countryside. It’s pure indulgence immersed in a natural environment away from the hectic atmosphere of London.


Our food choices had one element in common: colours, colours and colours. A rainbow of fruits delicately matched with the softness of the coconut yogurt and the sweetness of the maple syrup.


Chocolate, marble elegance and a sprinkle of red roses petals and coconut. The taste was that of pure chocolate as in pure cocoa beans freshly picked from a plantation in Venezuela. Raw goodness. Beautiful inside and outside.


DSC_0471Modern. Stylish. Intimate. Entirely gluten free.

White and stone clad walls, decorated with street style photography (by UK photographer Matthew Burlem) and a very friendly staff welcome you at Niche, a casual dining restaurant which has recently won the Diner’s Choice 2016. As they say on their website, everything is gluten free, but you don’t notice it! And it’s true. It was the first time I tried it and I really loved it. And to be honest I really couldn’t tell the difference, that’s how delicious the food was. The cuisine is a mixture of fine dining with a modern twist and take on British cuisine and it has the right balance between non-vegetarian, vegetarian and vegan options (and dairy-free as well). I was really intrigued by the bread and so we ordered that as a “starter”.

DSC_0470All about details: a “candy” butter

As for the main we all went for Niche’s favourite with three different choices of dishes: char-grilled chicken supreme, pan-fried sea bass fillets and niche Quiche.

DSC_0473 Flavours: thyme, Dijon mustard and white wine

DSC_0481 Flavours: fresh tomatoes

DSC_0480Flavours: Borough market’s veggie

And because it was Saturday evening and there is no way to end a lovely evening without a little bit of sweetness, the choice was the hot apple and blackberry crumble tart.

DSC_0484Flavours: cinnamon and berries


2 thoughts on “A Gluten Free day at Tanya’s Cafe and Niche

    1. Thanks abibunny! The only thing is that I’d recommend to book a table in advance, because both places are quite popular, especially over the weekends 😉 Hope you’ll like them both! Giulia


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