Yogurt Based Blackberry and Almond Smoothie


Ingredients: 170gr Greek white yogurt, 1 cup of blackberries, 1 cup of almond milk, 2 tbsp ground almonds, 1 tsp hazelnut chocolate (optional)

Mornings. I love mornings and I have always been a morning person, especially at this time of the year when the first ray of lights make their way in your bedroom and spring seems to be just around the corner. And today is a surprisingly sunny morning in London, the sky is light blue, first flowers are starting blossoming along the little residential streets in Hammersmith.

Pictures from my Instagram.

And with such a sunny start of the day, my choice for today’s breakfast was a fresh blackberry smoothie combined with a delicious apple and plums crumble baked yesterday by my friend.


Ingredients for the crumble: apples, Mirabelle plums, blueberry jam, oat biscuits, butter, flour, porridge oats

Spices: cinnamon, sugar

I rarely follow any specific recipes and I usually add flavours and ingredients on the spot, based either on what I have at home or on what inspires me at that moment. Today’s inspiration came from the colours of my orchids: a dark and intense pink with shadows of fuchsia spread on white petals. Once the blackberries were blended with Greek white yogurt they lost their intense black colour and gradually turned into a soft and light violet. All combined with a small spoon of vanilla essence, almond milk and grounded almonds.


Final touch suggested by my friend: a spoon of spreadable hazelnut chocolate. One minute in the blender and a delicious blackberry smoothie with a strong and predominant aroma of almonds and vanilla, which balance the bitterness to the berries, is ready to be tasted.



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